From spare time hobby to spare time business.

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My name is Jennifer and I set up my mini business without even realising in 2015. As usual something shiny distracted me and I picked it up again, settled on a rebrand and decided to give a proper go to Jenuflection in early 2017. Initially it was a way to de-stress from my hectic day job as a Web Content Manager but I have been collecting, buying and sourcing craft bits and fabric since I was a teenager and my collection finally got too big to carry on just sitting and looking pretty. Having made some gifts for friends and family over the years, it was suggested that I should make them available for sale and so I dusted off the sewing machine and got to work.

Originally from Louth in Ireland, I now live in central London with my husband and two cats since we moved to the U.K. over a decade ago. London has more craft shops and fabric markets than you can ever imagine and I am truly never lost for inspiration.

I create in a small corner of my home during any free time I have in the evenings and weekends. I truly put my heart and soul into making my products.

I hope you enjoy this journey and love my skull sewn story.

Jen 🖤