Winter is Here

Ah Winter has arrived in London town. It’s been ten years since we moved here, and London is one of those places where it never really gets freezing cold. It kind of stays a middling chilly temperature and you wear that furry Aviator coat (which you got in New Look for a STEAL) first thing in the morning but then die of heat exhaustion within 10 minutes of leaving the house. But I have hope this year, hope that the Nordic winds will blow and bring clouds bursting with snow. It may not be until January or February, but I’ll wait.

So I’ve been trying to get my Christmas sewing cap on. A few years ago, I managed to make my own pocketed Advent Calendar, and I just winged it to be honest. This was waaay before I even thought about making an Etsy shop so there was no expectation. I was making it just for me and it turned out bloody great. Even though I finished it 2 weeks into December…

I have thought about offering them on for sale on my store, but I feel like the market for a quilted Advent Calendar on Etsy is so saturated. If you think otherwise, then please do let me know in the comments! My style is a little quirkier than the usual offering and I want to try something that falls within the same category but different. That is the absolute wonder of fabric. You can make something that ten thousand other people make but the choice of fabric just makes it stand out.

To whet my Christmas appetite, this week I tried some Patchwork Star Christmas Decorations. Thanks to Sewing Directory for the free pattern. They have all the instructions, which are super easy to follow, and the PDF pattern to print out if you need. The possibility of fabric combinations you can use is endless, so you can make a whole bunch of matching ones or use remnants to create a few to hang in a window frame at different heights. You can even step outside of the Christmas theme and use any fabric style you like.

I only made one to see how it would turn out and since I brazenly did not use their pattern, I just used a diamond template I had knocking around, it turned out pretty good! I cut quite a few of the diamond shapes out so I am going to use the second star on a pot holder or I am pondering a Christmas Stocking.

I do find myself becoming increasingly attracted to things I can make that don’t involve having to use interfacing, wadding, and lining fabric. As much as the finished product is worth the effort when you make a bag or similar, I absolutely detest cutting out. Is that just me!? I hope not, or else this venture is fairly doomed. I guess it does push me to make other things that I might not be drawn to make, like clothes…maybe but scary. I have a feeling that one-day I’ll try clothes and absolutely love it.

About one day a month, I wake up all positive and bubbly (rare) and try to do all my cutting on one day. I cut more than I may need at that time for orders then jump for joy when I get an order through that I already have cut pieces ready and waiting. I think “oh see Jennifer, if you did this all the time your life would be so much easier” and then I don’t repeat process for another 3 months. I am my own worst enemy.

Dear Santa,

I’ve been ever so good this year. Please bring me a helper Elf that is not furry and has opposable thumbs.





1 thought on “Winter is Here”

  1. Your star looks great. I also detest cutting out/project prep. I’ve found 2 things that help. Number 1 is the Stripology Ruler from Creative Grids. Expensive but worth every penny, reduces cutting time by 75%, sometimes more and more accurate too. Secondly if making something that requires lots of cutting and prep like a bag I do all the cutting at once a day or 2 before I plan to ses. So then I can just get on with the sewing in the next session. 😊


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